Currency definitions

In this section you see all activated currencies in your system plus the definitions of these currencies – the official ISO code and the name. In the right hand side you’ll find the rate tables and the base currency. See also Currency rates.

Currency definitions

Add a currency
You add a currency to the system by clicking this button.

Currencies can be picked from the list below or you can add a custom currency.

custom currency

A custom currency is preferred if you bill different clients in the same currency, but some of them has a fixed currency rates agreement and the others does not.

Be aware that when creating duplicate currencies it requires custom changes to the report layouts. Please contact WorkBook Support for info and pricing.


Delete a rate table
You delete a rate table by clicking this button.

Add a rate table
You add a rate table by clicking this button.

The unit names of each currency are mostly used for our Canadian and US customers where this data is included on the cheque report.

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