Cross company invoice registration in Version 8

Several settings have to be set up before you can register a supplier invoice cross company, and they need to be set up for all involved companies.

The first settings have to be set up in the Silverlight version, until these become available in HTML.



1: Voucher sequence

2: Journal type

3: Basic financial setting (voucher sequence)

4: Holding accounts (“Active” & “Use in voucher management)


5: Settings: Inter-company settlement (need to set up the holding accounts first)

1: Voucher sequence:

If you want the cross company invoices to have a different voucher sequence and mark them with a specific prefix, suffix or both, then you need to create a new sequence.
This can be done in Settings in Silverlight, under Finance and the Voucher sequence.

Creation flow:

  1. Create new sequence, using the create new-button top left.
  2. Change the sequence values, using the 3rd as seen in the image below and set the prefix, suffix, start and end values.
  3. In the column “Type” set it to Vouchers.

2: Journal type:

Journal types setup:
If you need a new journal type specifically for cross company invoice registrations, then this is where you set it up. Remember to mark the column “automatic”.

Journal Types mapping:

Make sure that “Journal type for cross company vouchers” is set.

3: Basic financial setting (voucher sequence)

Here you will select the voucher sequence for the offset voucher, as shown in the image below.

4: Holding accounts:

Create or use an already existing holding account, for the cross company invoice registration. Remember that the holding account must be set to be “Active” and marked for “Use in voucher management”.

5: Settings: Inter-company settlement:

In the HTML version, you can set the inter-company settings, by settings the holding and offset accounts, cross company.
As seen in the image below, you have to mark the settings “Activate cross company creditor invoice settings”, to be able to choose the accounts.
Top right you will be able to choose which company you want to set them from, and unlike in the Silverlight version, changing company will not require you to log in again.

Again we will remind you that these settings need to be set up in all involved companies!

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