CRM – 12 month summary forecast

The CRM 12 month summary forecast will show your projected payment plans, any approved price quotes and WIP postings.

Filter (1)

You can use the filter to customise your view using WorkBook dimensions. If you want a revenue based on a project manager or client, you can select who these are in the Dimension Value and you will then see their forecast in the grid and chart. There is also an option in the filter to show planned amount. This means that hours from jobs will be included and shown as a separate line.

TIP: Think about what date range you want to view and if there is a dimension enabled where you can further refine your results.

Legend (2)

Planned: takes into account future schedules.

Finance account (optional): This is an summation pr. company of all the accounts set up.

Finance budget (optional):  Shows the budget set up of one or more of the finance accounts set up.

In Process: shows WIP postings.

Quotation – shows all the approved price quotes.

Opportunity and Lead are taken directly from the  Pipelines list menu option.

Tip: It is not possible to hide graphs and just view one at a time.

Chart (3)

Will graphically show you the forecast. You can hover a line in the graph to see the related value.

Grid (4)

A month by month breakdown of the jobs and pipeline projects.

Finance accounts

It is currently not possible to set up finance account for the 12 month summary forecast in the HTML version. You will therefore need to set the up in the Silverlight version as shown below.
When setting up a new finance account for the summary forecast you have to chose an operating account and the account will be chosen from the chart of accounts. There must be values on the account in order to use it.

Finance budget

In the finance and administration tab in Silverlight you are able to set up the finance budget. The finance accounts set up in the step above, can be used when setting up the finance budget. Once you have created a new setup, you can add dimensions to it in the ‘setup’ tab. Just as you can enter values for the accounts on the budget in the ‘Account budget’ tab.

OBS: Once you have approved the budget you cannot edit it, so be sure that the entered information is correct!


Once you have created either the finance account, the finance budget or both you will be able to see it in the graph.

Pipeline projects

In pipeline projects you will be able to see pipelines that have been converted to jobs and have a quotation under preparation, as well as pipelines that are lost. You can also filter between seeing only lost pipelines and only those in process.

Jobs in process

Once a job is found in the ‘jobs in process’ tab, it means that the quotation on the job has been approved internally.

System variables

  • System variable 679 will automatically change the probability of an opportunity going to a lead once it hits a certain percentage. We recommend setting it to 50%.
  • System variable 962 will use the payment schedule as opposed to evenly distributing a job over the months. We recommend keeping it unticked. This will then forecast the remaining revenue instead of fixed payments. This also creates a new icon on the pipeline card called ‘pipeline billing plan’.
  • System variable 884 will include partially invoiced expenditures in the column ‘WIP amount’. The partial invoiced time and materials will be deducted from the WIP amount if they are activated for cost or sale.
  • System variable 1050 with Method 1 will distribute the remaining revenue equally over the remaining period of the job until it is invoiced. Method 2, is a fixed amount over the entire period of a job and invoicing will not make a difference to the forecast. We recommend using Method 1 if Sys Var 962 is unticked. You will then get a forecast of the remaining revenue on the jobs, evenly distributed over the remaining period of the job.
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