Cost controlling using internal jobs

This article will show you how to manage internal cost and make specific employees responsible for the budget.

  1. Create 1 internal client for all cost types using the “Internal administration” client type. You can create a client per cost type for access rights to the client and/or for further analysis options.19-12-2016-14-03-55
  2. Create a job per cost type per fiscal year. You can use only those cost types where one is responsible for that cost type. It is important to create them as “not billable” jobs and don’t allow for time entries.19-12-2016-14-09-00
  3. Select the account that the jobs cost should be on and set it as fixed19-12-2016-14-11-25
  4. Create a price quote, set the amount to the budget for the year and approve it to “Externally approved” so it can’t be changed. As the client is non-billable the price quote will not be counted in the Pipeline Summary forecast. You have to set an activity and we recommend an purchase activity. This is not critical to do.19-12-2016-14-31-00
  5. The project manager is now responsible for the price quote. You can now follow the realised and the budget with the important detail that non-approved PO’s and creditor vouchers also counts as a realised cost. The individuelle purchases can be found on the jobs purchases.19-12-2016-15-07-24
  6. The finance department now get an overview in the job list. You can sort different levels or just companies.
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