Copy purchase order lines from price quote in Version 9

It is possible to copy purchase data from price quote into your price order. This guide will navigate you through how to do this.

Copy price quote to purchase order

When copying over price quote data to a purchase order, there are several options:

  1. Create a new purchase order per selected lines. If 5 lines are selected, 5 separate purchase order’s will be created.
  2. One purchase order, per supplier, for selected lines. A purchase order will be created for each supplier. For example, if you choose 5 lines with 3 suppliers, only 3 purchase order’s will be created – 1 for each supplier.
  3. Copy selected lines to current purchase order details. Selected lines are copied directly into the current, open purchase order. If no purchase order exists yet, one new purchase order is created with all selected lines.

In order to check if there is a supplier in the price quote, you first need to find the supplier column, since it is hidden by default. To show this, right click in the grid, find the supplier and choose to unhide it by pressing the ‘x’ and ‘ok’. This is also illustrated below.

To copy the data over to a purchase order, find the context menu in the left corner and choose ‘copy purchase data from price quote’.

Afterwards, the dialogue to copy the price quote’s lines will show and you will see the three options, as mentioned above in this guide.

Create PO per selected lines

In this example we will choose the first option, to create a purchase order for each line we select. In this case, we have selected two. Therefore, we will end up with two purchase orders.

This option will remember the supplier you had on your price quote on the selected line(s) and show it in the purchase order. If you had none, the field will be blank.

Create purchase order, per supplier, for selected lines

If we try to choose the second option, a purchase order will be created for each different supplier. In the example below, we have 5 lines with 3 different suppliers. This means that if there are 5 lines but only 3 suppliers, there will be 3 purchase order.

If you choose this option and have not filled in a supplier, a dialogue will appear saying that a supplier must be provided.

Please also notice that if you have lines with no supplier, that will be created on one purchase order. Therefore we would recommend that you use another option in that case.

Copy selected lines to current purchase order details

When choosing the third option, to copy selected lines to current purchase order details, the purchase order you are currently on will get the data from the price quote you choose in the dialogue shown below.

Notice that the price is now the one that you chose to copy, and that the supplier is not showing/changing when choosing this option.

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