Convert task to new job

In V9 it is possible to create a new job by converting a task.

Converting a task to a new job

In order to create a new job, you will need to have a task to create it from. (If you don’t already, you can create one in Jobs under tasks.)
When you have your task you can go to Tasks or just enter the task number below in the search field so the task card opens. When you see the task card you should enter settings, open the context menu and choose ‘convert task to a new job’. This is also illustrated below.

Creating the job

Once you have clicked the option in the context menu a pop up box will appear. In this box you can name you job, assign project manager and contact, set date, status and choose the price list for the job.
When you click Okay, you will be able to open the job card by either entering the job number below in the search field, in the jobs list or directly from the task card below the header.

That’s it! You have now converted a task to a new job. Congrats!

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