Deltek WorkBook App for iOS and Android

We’ve combined all the features of the original WorkBook Apps – WorkBook, Share and Collaboration – into one place: the new Deltek WorkBook iOS and Android app. It is available if your web version of WorkBook is running version 9.5 or higher.

Get the app here: iOS or Android

While the app itself is intuitive, there are some hidden features you might want to know about.

Use the URL to your web version of WorkBook when logging in.


The Inbox will show you all your messages. however, some functionality will be limited. For example, to follow a notification you will be directed to the web version.

When you are in a conversation thread you can open attachments and read the conversation.

The magic happens when you press the + symbol. Here you can now add attachments, a resource, or links with alt text and even time entry for any time you spent on the conversation.

In the Inbox, when you swipe right you can mark a message as a favorite or remove it from the list. Swiping left will toggle if the message is marked as read or unread.


The Resources directory is a list of agency employees and your WorkBook contacts.

Tapping on an employee will open their contact details. From here you can:

  • call them via Skype,
  • email them using the email client on your device,
  • or start a 1:1 conversation.

In the directory, you can scroll quickly through the list by scrolling up and down on the letters on the right.

Tasks & Time entry

Managing Tasks

In the Tasks screen, by default, you will see the tasks to which you are assigned for today. You can also view your tasks by what is Due or what is Active. You can easily see the task, job number and project name as well as how many hours you’ve been booked to finish the task.

By selecting a task, you can dig deeper to see any associated conversations, briefing documents, and task settings.

Time Entry

You can simply enter time within the Task conversation or Inbox conversation shown above or you can go to the Time Entry screen.

You can search for other dates by clicking on the date shown in the header at the top of the screen or use the left and right arrows to show the day before or after.

Simply select a task on the date selected to enter your time and add a description of the work done.

When you have applied hours to a task and clicked Submit, you can continue to update that day’s timesheet by adding a time entry or an absence, copy that day’s timesheet to your current timesheet or submit the entire timesheet for approval.

After submitting your timesheet, a checkmark appears next to the number of hours you’ve submitted for the day.


To submit an absence, you will first need to select what type of absence it is, then for how long you will be absent.

Fill out the dates and enter a short description of the request.


Uploading Expense Receipts

You can upload expense entries straight from your phone to the Deltek WorkBook app for you to action later in the web version. Open the Expense Entry screen to see your open expenses or add a new entry.

Enter the expense details, upload an image of the receipt and click Save.

To upload an image of the receipt, you need to allow the Deltek WorkBook app access to your photos.

The easiest way to do this is by first finding the photo (receipt) you want to upload and click on the Share icon.

If you don’t see the Deltek WorkBook icon in your list, go to More and scroll through your list to find it. Drag the slider to show green. Then click Done.

When you click on the Deltek WorkBook icon, you will see the Post image dialog. The comment field is how the image is identified in the online version.  The size is how the image will be uploaded. Lastly, you can choose where in the web version you want this image to be uploaded.

Watch the video on Receipt archive:


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