Collaboration – WorkBook’s iOS App

The Collaboration iOS app is available if your web version of Workbook is running version 9.5 or higher. While the app itself is intuitive, there are some hidden features you might want to know about.

Use the URL to your HTML version of WorkBook when logging in.

SAML authentication login is only available if your web version of WorkBook is running

IPad Collaboration Inbox

iPad view

Time entry


When the app is opened, the calendar will show you today’s day by default. You can find the day you need by using the arrowheads or selecting a date in the calendar. Go to a particular month by swiping right or left on the calendar or use the shortcuts in the footer to move your selected day, one week at a time.

iPhone view

When you select a date, the time entry will show you the records for that day.  The date that is being displayed is indicated by a white circle and the current date will be shown by a faded circle when you select another day in the same month.


You will first need to select what type of absence this is, then how long you will be absent for.

Fill out the dates and enter a short description of the request.

Add time entry

The search will find any records with the exact match.

In the task list, you can filter tasks if they are due or active.

When you find the record you need, tap to add it.

Searching for jobs works generally the same as tasks but you can also filter on tasks to register time more accurately.


Registering time

When you select a task or job, you will be able to register hours.

Time entry



The Inbox will show you all your messages, some of the functionality though will be limited. For example, you will be directed to your web version for any notifications.

iPad Inbox

iPhone inbox

However, when you are in a conversation thread you can open attachments and read the conversation.

The magic happens when you press the + symbol. Here you can now add attachments, a resource, or links with alt text and even time entry for any time you spent on the conversation.

When you scroll right you can favourite a message or remove it from the list. Scrolling left will toggle if the message is marked as read or unread.


The People directory is a list of employees in your company.


Tapping on an employee, will open  their contact details. From here you can:

  • call them directly,
  • email them using the email client on your device,
  • clicking on either Skype or the address will open up the respective app.

When you tap the Create conversation, the window will open up the conversation dialog you know from the web application. Here you can start a 1:1 conversation with another employee.

In the directory, you can scroll quickly through the list by scrolling up and down on the letters on the right.  Scrolling in the list itself will move the list one resource at a time.

Upload expense entry

You can upload expense entries straight from your phone to the Collaboration app for you to action in the web version. To do this you need to allow Collaboration to access to your photos.

The easiest way to do this is by first finding the photo (receipt) you want to upload. Click on the Share icon (1), then if you don’t see the Collaboration icon in your list, go to More (2) and and scroll through your list to find it. Drag the slider to show green (3). Then click Done.




When you click on the Collaboration icon, you will see the Post image dialog. The comment field is how the image is identified in the online version.  The size is how the image will be uploaded. Lastly you can choose where in the web version you want this image to be uploaded to.

Watch the video on Receipt archive:


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