Customer projects

Projects is another dimension that can be used to group jobs. Projects are different from other dimensions in that they are specific to a single client.

They give you the ability to sort, filter and report on jobs specific only to a certain project. A practical example would be a campaign consisting of multiple jobs, and you want to be able to report on this campaign without any other jobs on the client showing up.

Projects are also needed to setup retainer jobs and master jobs.

This guide will simply go over the creation of a project, see the links above for a full guide on the retainer features.


Creating your project

To create a project, you must open the client card. This can be done from the ressource list, or from any task or job that belongs to the client.

Once you have it, go to the Projects tab and click the plus to add a new one. You will be prompted for a name.

Adding jobs to the project

You can add jobs to the project. This is done by selecting the project when creating new jobs.

You can also add existing jobs to the project through the job properties (it is also possible to create new projects from here)

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