Client contact users

In WorkBook you can set up acces for client contacts for them to easily access tickets and certain jobs and tasks.

This guide will take you through the setup process.

Setting up password mail template

Before creating the client contact we will need to setup the template mail for resetting passwords.

In Silverligt navigate to “Settings” and search for “Notification mail text”.

Edit the template to contain <CompanyName>, <ResourceLogin> and <ResourceTempPassword> at least.

Here’s a template you can use:

Dear <ResourceName>

You or someone at <CompanyName> have requested to have your password reset for your account at <CompanyName>.

Please use this temporary password to login.

Login: <ResourceLogin>
Temporary Password: <ResourceTempPassword>

If you have received this email in error, you can safely ignore this.

Kind regards

Creating a client contact

First thing we need to do is creating a contact user on the desired client.

In this case we’d like to allow John Smith from the company More Profits Inc. access to jobs and tickets created for said company.

So what we need to do is

  1. Navigate to “Resources”
  2. Find the client’
  3. Click the “Contacts” button
  4. New contact user
  5. Fill in the name and mail and so forth

Send password

Now the contact user has been created and we need to send John Smith a password.

  • Open the client contact card
  • Change the username as you like
  • Click and send the password

He will then receive a mail with a temporary password that he will need to change upon logging in.

Allow access to jobs

You can allow the contact user access to open and closed jobs under the Job grant access tab in the resource card.

To grant access to existing jobs press the “Grant/remove access to all public jobs”.

Logging in & interface

Once the user receives the password and login he will be able to navigate to your company WorkBook address and use the login information.

The interface resembles any other WorkBook, only with limited access.

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