Change Logs

This article aims to inform you of the various places in your WorkBook you may view a change log of a specific item like a job, task, settings or similar.

Resource change log

Changes made to a specific resource (a company, employee, client etc.) can be found on their resource card within the settings.

Job change log

Within the jobs book you may view a change log of a specific job which includes job settings, price quotes, purchases orders and so forth.

This can be found at the context menu, also known as the burger menu, in the top left hand corner of the view.

Task change log

Within the Tasks section of a job, or on any task card you open, you will find a clipboard icon with a clock  which is your change log.

Finance and administration change logs

Changes made in the finance and administration section, can be found in their respective sections as a printable report. Below is a list of applicable tabs and their respective logging report:

  • Chart of accounts – Report 444
  • Debtor list – Report 437
  • Creditor list – Report 441

User access rights change log

In the User access right settings you will find a dedicated report for changes made.


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