Why can’t I enter hours on a job?

There can be several reasons to why you can’t enter hours on a job. Usually you get an explanation by hovering our mouse over the field.

Requirements for time entries

To be able to add time to a job a make sure your system meets the following criteria:

  1. Job status must be one of the following:
    • Quotation
    • In process
    • On hold
    • Ready for invoicing
  2. Employee must have access to Time entry on that job in the company
  3. Customer type must be one of the following:
    • Client
    • Prospects
    • Internal PR/Marketing
    • Internal Administration
  4. The job may not be a template
  5. The job end date must only be exceeded by the number of days stated in Time entry rules in the Company basic settings (Settings, Company settings, Basic settings)
  6. The job must not be finalized
  7. There must be an open accounting period for the date the employee tries to enter time (check Settings, Accounting periods)

Job end date expired

The job end date has expired and the job has a lock icon in the time sheet. A user with access to change the job end date, usually the project manager, will need to change the date, in order to allow new time entries. The project manager has already received a notification from the system in the conversation center.

Time is approved

When you approve the time sheet, either in whole, daily or just a single record, you cannot change it unless you remove the approval.

Removing the approval:

Period closed for entry

When a period is closed, it will need to be opened in the Accounting periods menu. This can be done by an user with access to the menu, usually an Admin or someone from finance.

Cross-company settings

Two filters have been added to Employee Cross Company Access.
This way you can choose to see cross company settings for “Agnes Lee” only in “Bluebird”.
Cross company employee samt firma filtre

You need to enable “Allow time entry” and “Access to jobs” in order to an employee to register time.

The job is invoiced/closed

When a job is invoiced (with a final invoice) it closes the job for any more time entries. Ask the project manager what job should be used instead.

I can’t find the job when I try to add it to my time sheet

Usually this is because the job is closed, job end date expired, you’re not part of the job team (job has been limited to only accept time entries from team members) or the customer is not a part of your customer list.

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