Cancel job with open time registrations

Revoking a time entry

If you need to cancel a job that has time registrations you need to either delete the time registrations from the users time sheet or move them to another job.

To delete the time registrations you need revoke the time registrations under “Time sheet” in “Time & Expense” or have the user do it under “Personal cost entry”. Choose the registration that needs to be deleted and press the hamburger menu and find the revoke option.


Moving hours to another job

Should you like to move the hours go to Job > Costs and find the Hours tab. In the left corner you’ll find “Move time entries to another job”. A dialog will appear asking for the new job information.


Please note that there might be open registrations other than hours. All these can be found under the “Open entries” tab.

To get an overview of open entries you can use the follow-up views under Finance & Administration.

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