Briefing templates

Making a briefing can be time consuming. However with the help of briefing templates, you can have the ground work of any briefing covered before even starting.

To create a template, go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Folders, reports and documents’ > ‘Document template setup’.

From here you press ‘Create new template’  . The new briefing template is immediately created as ‘< New >’ on the list, you’re able to rename the template from the list tab.

After selecting your new briefing template on the list, move from the ‘List tab’ to the second tab ‘Editor’.

Here you’re able to create your template. Briefing templates can also be setup to automatically insert certain data, such as ‘Job end date’ or ‘Job project name’. All options are shown on the list to the far right.

After the template is created, you can chose where the template can be used. Simply tick where the template should be usable.

The briefing template can now be found by clicking the ‘Select template’ button in the briefing window.


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