Booking level

Resource booking level

Capacity profile

The resource booking level defines the capacity i.e. hours an employee can work each day. For now it can only be set up in V8.

The setting are:

  • Ideal booking: The ideal numer of hours for an amployee per day
  • Basic time: Actual work hours
  • Flex: Additinal time an employee can be booked
  • Max. booking: The maximum number of booked hours
  • Work time start
  • Work time end

Booking level: Employee capacity

To edit the default employee capacity profile navigate to “Settings” then finde “Default capacity profile” under “Employees”.

Standard booking level

Once the employee capacity profile has been set up we need to take a look at System variable 269. This variable defines the standard booking level for all new job plans.

Booking level: System variable 269

Plan & task booking level

Once set up all new plans will inherit the booking level. It can be changed for each individual plan and then again for each task.

An a plan it’s reflected like this (an can always be changed):

Booking level: Plan

A task will inherit booking level from the plan it is on. It can be change via the “Capacity” button in the upper right corner of a Task card.

Booking level: task

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