Booking a general ledger journal

Posting of journals can only be done in the Silverlight version.

Posting the journal

You use the Journal entry to enter bookings to the current general ledger journal. 

Adding/removing lines 
By clicking the Add/remove line buttons these actions can be performed.

Dependent on the system setup different approval roles can be added when clicking the approval button. If no approval setup is added to the system setup you can click on the finalise button (if an approval setup is found it will still trigger approvals).

There is only one cell to enter amount. Credit amounts are simply typed in with a minus character.

Dependent on the system setup different columns is available for VAT/TAX purposes.

Data validation
The system will validate for missing data like the example below.

Reverse journal

When you have posted the journal then you need to make counter post on the accounts. You can do this manually or you can use the function in WorkBook to reverse the journal. This should ONLY be done on the manually created journals.

To reverse the booked journal you use this icon


This will open a menu


Here you can either reverse or copy the journal. You can change the voucher numbers on the different journal lines and change the posting date or voucher date.

If you wish to change the journal type you can also do this.

When you are reversing the journal without change the voucher number you need to manually change the voucher numbers.


If this journal was approved it would fail because the voucher numbers are already in use.

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