Binding of tasks

With this feature you can bind your tasks in four different ways.

If you make a binding between tasks in your Gantt view and right click the binding you get a pop up menu, allowing you to choose the type of binding:

You can choose these four different ways to bind your task.

Finish-to-Start allows the task begin only after another task is finished. It cannot start before the first task is completed:

Start-to-Start allows you start the two tasks on the same date. You can start the second task later than the first but it cannot start earlier:

Finish-to-Finish allows the second task to finish only after the first task is done. It can finish later than the first task but not earlier:

Start-to-Finish allows the second task finish only when the first task is begun. It can finish after the first task is started but not earlier than the start date of the first task:

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