AR/AP groups

In this section you set up Account Groups and Reports Groups.

Create a new posting group
Click this button to create a new posting group.

Delete a posting group
Click this button to delete a selected posting group.

Setting up posting groups

Accounting groups are one of two grouping opportunities on Creditors and Debtors – the other one being Reporting groups. Assigning an Accounting group to a Creditor & Debtor is mandatory while Reporting group is optional.
Besides dividing Creditors and Debtors into different groups Accounting groups are controlling which finance account each group is posted on. There is no other functionality connected to Accounting groups (like for instance VAT-handling).
It is recommended that Accounting groups are used for grouping Debtor & Creditors into different types of Debtors & Creditors – like for instance External, Intercompany, Employees etc.

Setting up reporting groups

As mentioned Reporting group can optionally be assigned to each Creditor/Debtor. It is not stamped in financial postings and can hence be assigned at any time and give an updated view of Creditors/Debtors allocated to each group.
Reporting group has no other functionality than dividing Creditors/Debtors into different groups. It is recommended that the Reporting group is used for grouping Creditors/Debtors according to geography – i.e. according to different VAT-handling in different areas – like Domestic, EU, Outside EU etc. If done so VAT-reports can be run reflecting the VAT-handling of the different groups of Creditors/Debtors.

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