Agent 15 – Time entry weekly reminder


This agent will send an email to users who haven’t registered enough hours according to their capacity profile


We recommend this agent runs once a day so users will receive the reminder email in the morning


Parameter explanation

Everything within “<something here>” will be added to the mail. For example: if <EmployeeName> is written, then it will be replaced by the name of the employee receiving it.

Reminder email: from name

This parameter is currently not in use, so please do not waste time on this

Reminder email: The sender of the email

The receiver of the reminder email will see this as the sender

Number of weeks to check backwards from current week

This controls how many weeks in the past the agent will check for lack of time registration

The minimum percentage of the norm time that must be registered on a weekly basis


The value in this field is set to 80 and the capacity profile for this employee says 40 hours per week.
Only 29.5 hours have been registered for the first week in the overview on the right, so 10.5 hours are missing.

(29.5/40)*100 = 73.75 – and that’s below 80 % and that’s why this employee receives a reminder.

Subject text

The subject text (or headline) for the reminder email

Body text: Start text (<nn> will be replaced with user data)

The body text in this example looks like this:

Dear <EmployeeName>,¶¶You haven’t completed your time entries – please follow up.¶¶This is your overview for the past 4 weeks:¶

..and will be translated to this:

Dear Katherine Amber Green,

You haven’t completed your time entries – please follow up.

This is your overview for the past 4 weeks:

Body text: Timereg. data part (<nn> wil be replaced with user data)

Week <WeekNumber>:¶Basic time: <NormHours>¶Registreted hours: <RegHours>¶Rest: <DiffHours>¶Registered prc.: <RegPercent>%¶————————¶¶

Everything inside <> will be replace by automated data

Body text: Greeting (<nn> will be replaced with user data)

¶Kind regards¶¶The Administrator

Define the ending of the notification mail

Send a copy to the nearest manager

The employee’s manager defined in the employee settings will also receive this mail if the box is ticked

Apply list of days without registration

If Yes is chosen, Workbook will list all of the days and dates without any time entries at all

List of days language

Chose in which language the list mentioned above should be generated

List of days caption text

Here you define the header / caption text for days with no registration. Could be something like ‘On the following days you haven’t registered any hours’ 

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