Administrative Guide

This index page will link to all the articles that will be useful for a Systems Administrator handling a WorkBook installation.

Installation Requirements

Hosting vs on-premises
Initially you will need to decide if your installation really should be on-premises, WorkBook Software offers a fully featured hosted version, this version will often be easier for customers and in many cases more secure. Otherwise this document is useful for describing some of the things you need to think about when choosing to host WorkBook your self.

Hosting information
If you have chosen WorkBook Software as your hosting provider, this page will tell you about security, compliance and backups in our environment.

Recommended system requirements for WorkBook
Server requirements are tricky, this document will attempt to guide you in the right direction, however this is only guide lines, some customers will use more resources, some less, it depends on the user profile.

Environment Installation and Configuration

Installation Prerequisites
This guide mostly just points out what has to be present on the server before the WorkBook Technicians will install the base system.

Configuring websites for WorkBook
This guide will show you how to configure the WorkBook website, but also how to modify certain options including configuring HTTPS.

Setting up Backup
How to configure a basic backup schedule for WorkBook.

Remote Access for WorkBook Support
To provide optimal support for on-premises installations WorkBook Support requires unattended remote access to your environment.
This page lists the currently supported configurations for remote access.

Configuring WorkBook


Outbound Mail Configuration
Allow WorkBook to send notifications, invoices, and other mails.

Domain Verification
Allows WorkBook to send emails from verified domains.

E-mail import setup
Setup mail import so your users can enjoy the pleasures of WorkBook mail archiving.


LDAP Authentication
Authenticate your users against a local LDAP directory, this could be Active Directory.

SAML Authentication
Authenticate against an online Identity Provider.

Logins, Passwords & Blacklisting
Information about how logins and password policies are configured in WorkBook.

Change user passwords
How to change a user’s password

License management
Assigning licenses to users and renewing license keys


Storage Providers
Allow WorkBook access to your local or hosted file storage


Updating WorkBook
Updating WorkBook happens via our Update Tool and is a mostly automated process.
However we would be happy to help you the first couple of times.


Most of the links above will contain general information about troubleshooting the individual subjects.
Below we will list a few more in depth troubleshooting guides.

Diagnosing performance
A guide on how to diagnose performance problems with WorkBook.

Temporary System Files
Information on where WorkBook stores temporary files that may be cleaned if disk space is running low.

Additional Documentation

IP Address and Ranges
The IP Address and IP Ranges used by WorkBook Software to provider services and support.

Sarbanes–Oxley Act
How WorkBook complies with SOX, this is mostly relevant for US companies.

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