Address label composition


As a new feature in V9, we present the address label compositor.

This is meant for handling address labels on price quotes and invoices –  especially when it comes to country-based label compositions.

Setting up country-based labels

If your company send out invoices or price quotes to different countries there can be issues regarding address labeling. We’ve taken steps to handle this in our new settings page “Country and postal codes“.

It’s quite easy to set up address labels for different countries,  simply navigate to “Settings” and locate “Country and postal codes“.

Here you will finde a country selector.

Since labels are determined by either a supplier or a debtor, the labels must be configured for the supplier or debtor country.

Select the country you would like to setup and click on the settings button to bring out the address label composer.

From this composer, you can choose what components should make up the label.

In action

For the United States, I chose to have a label composition like this:


That will result in labels like this:

Fallback value if no label has been set up

It may happen that there have not been set any labels up for the country in which your supplier or debtor lies.

Fear not! Setting up System variable 1055 will help in these scenarios. It is the fallback value for any country that has not yet been setup via the address label compositor.

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