ActiveCampaign integration

For setting up ActiveCampaign please refer to this external guide.

All contacts in WorkBook can be subscribed to lists that you create in the CRM system. Once the integration has been setup these lists and the contacts connected, will automatically be transferred to ActiveCampaign, from where you can send out email campaigns, track effectiveness, do split testing etc.


When using the ActiveCampaign integration from WorkBook, WorkBook becomes the single truth of contacts and their information.

This means that all contacts, lists, tags, etc must be created and synchronized from WorkBook.
Any contact created directly in Active Campaign will be deleted by WorkBook next time the synchronization runs.

Technical setup

To start up a new account with ActiveCampaign please use the sign-up procedure on ActiveCampaign. In order to setup the sync, please follow the steps below.

1.     Open My settings

2.     On the settings page you’ll find the API information.
Hit the Reset button and copy the new API key to the clipboard.

3.     Open WorkBook and insert your company address, postcode, city and country in the resource list

4.   Go to Settings/Advanced tools/Agents and add the agent “Active Campaign”.

5.     Enter the Parameter tab and paste in the API information.

6.     In the Scheduling tab click on the Active checkbox and how often it should run the sync.
Our recommendation is for it to run 1 time per day.

Using the ActiveCampaign functionality in WorkBook

1.     Create a new list using the + icon and click on the checkmarks to add the contact to the lists.

2.     In ActiveCampaign all lists are automatically transferred to the Lists tab (dependent on the number of contacts it might take a while for the sync to be finished – please allow up to 24 hours):

3.     Creating a new campaign
Creating a new campaign is pretty straight forward.

– and type in a name for the campaign

For information about Campaign types, please refer to the ActiveCampaign manual.

4.     Select the list to apply this mailing to.

5.     ActiveCampaign have a lot of built-in email templates that you can use, or simply create a new one from scratch. Double click to choose.

6.     Design your email and once you click next you can set various option on how the email should be send.


  • Can you delete a contact person in the ActiveCampaign list?
    • You can’t delete a contact, only deactivate the contact. The interest link is not deleted when you deactivate the contact. This you have to do yourself.
  • When I move a unsubscripted contact from one list to another he/she gets emails from ActiveCampaign, why is that?
    • When a contact unsubscribes ActiceCampaign mails they are not removed from the list just flagged as unsubscribed. If you move the contact to a new list the history doesn’t follow the contact.
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