Accounting periods and fiscal year

In this section you will set up the accounting periods. When selecting an accounting period/fiscal year in the upper grid you can then see the details of that year in the lower grid. In the lower grid you can select what is allowed in the system for each month in the period, for ex. if finance posting is allowed, if time sheet entries are allowed etc.

Accounting periods

Add a new fiscal year
You create a new fiscal year by clicking this button .

You will then be asked to fill in the below data and click ‘Create’.

Delete an accounting year
You delete a fiscal year by clicking this button . This is of course only permitted if there are no records booked related to that year.

Move first month to previous year / move last month to next year
This button you will use if you want to move the first month of the selected year to the previous year  and opposite .

Edit year name
With this button you can edit the name of the selected year (Year of the Dragon sound pretty awesome).

Open for accounting periods
To open for a closed accounting period, you have to select the year and month and then choose one or all of the boxes and check them.

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