Absence entry

A video introduction to absence entries:

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Absence entries are added through the time sheet. If you have setup your user profile to sync with your calendar, absence entries will then automatically be added to your calendar as well.

Once you click on the menu item, a new window will show, allowing you to select the type of absence:

You can chose to enter a absence in a period of time, one day or partially absence one day.

As seen below, the absence entry is added to your time sheet.

Weekly view: Color coded for easy identification

Daily view: there is an icon of a “beach ball” for identification.

Dependent on type of absence selected and setup of the system, an approval workflow might be triggered. If so, the system will notify you to whom it has sent the absence entry for approval to. If the entry is approved or rejected you will be notified in the conversation inbox.

You can see a list of absence entries and how many days are left on your yearly vacation, by clicking on the Personal information section. Read more about this here.

You do normally not need to enter absence for public bank holidays as these has already been added by an Admin. To read more on how to setup public bank holidays click here.

Deleting an absence entry

Deleting an absence entry is subject to how the system is setup. Normally it is allowed to delete an entry if it lies after today’s date. If you are disallowed to delete an entry, please check your internal procedures.

You can delete the entry from here:

Or you can do it here:

Controlling, deleting and adding absence as an Admin

From the Employee settings in the Settings menu, go to the Employee Settings Set up, there you can see a list of absence entries done by the user. From there you can add or delete the entries.

In the bottom of the screen you can check and set the number of days available for the user. To see more about how to setup the holiday and absence system, click here.


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