8.7.0 – Release notes

General notice: As new views, tabs and reports are not automatically added to each user due to access rights controls, please remember to check your access rights settings if you want to allow access to the new features.


Added feature to quickly open resource card by double tapping on the resource profile
New option under Conversation option, adds the possibility to permit contact users access to comments marked as private.


Task Card

Project manager initials is now on task card header

Added total price column to task- and booking grid, which is only visible to some users based on system variable 119

Task Booking Matrix View is now available in the task card

User task list

The user task list has been improved and the user now has the ability to see all Approvals and Follow-ups through their Tasks

User cost entry

‘Add location’ added in Mileage Entry


Added shortcut for personal expense entries, the user now have the ability to press the SPACE-button to approve an entry


Added the option to view pipeline activity on a specific contact, through the Contact card


Added horizontally Resource information under ‘Resources’

Added Resource-related items to Contact card, this feature will give an overview of conversations, tasks and jobs the resource is related to


A new column with task notifications in the Gantt had been added to show: if a task has a briefing, if a task is overdue or if a task is in the future.
Added a feature that shows a briefing symbol in the Gantt if a task has a briefing.
Added status to PO, PQ and invoice toolbar in the right.

The footer in Invoice have been cleaned up to give a much clearer overview

Added the setting ‘Show settled PO’s’ to ‘Purchases’ under ‘Cost’

Implemented the Voucher and Remaining – fields in to Purchase Order in v8

Added functionality for users to change ‘Job Status’ under Job-name at the ‘Progress status’
Added Contingency field to ‘Price Lines’


Weekly schedule

Added total option which will give a total on every resource.

E-mail import

Functionality for users to download current mail
Added ‘Processed Mail List’ under ‘Mail Import’

Added an indicator for amounts of email

Added the functionality ‘Convert To Task’ under Mail Import




New Pages

These pages under ‘Company approvals’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Company settings’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Dimensions’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Employee settings’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Folders, reports and documents’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Price lists & activities’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Projects & jobs’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Pipeline setup’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Finance’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Ticket status’ has been made available

These pages under ‘Advanced tools’ has been made available


System Variable Changes

Added new system variable 1028:
Create task. Allow add employee to a task if the resource is not on part of the job team

Added two new system variables (1035 + 1036) to:
a) Restrict the creation of POs and
b) Restrict PO activity based on the PQ

Improvement: Updated value text on system variable 918 to make it clearer.

Universal improvements

Ability to increase/reduce the Grid line height

Quick Menu Improvements

Adding birthday notification in resource list when an employee has birthday

Added a counter to the receipt archive in the quick bar.

Various bug fixes

Various bug fixes has been made since 8.6.1 and is of course included in this version to ensure the best user experience. The list is long so for an overview of all the bug fixes please visit http://releasenotes.workbook.net/

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