Employee creditor sequence version 9.5

The following description applies to version

A new sequence was created to separate the employee creditors numbers from the standard creditor number sequence. The sequence will have a default start value and end value of 0, so it will need to be changed before creating new employee creditors, which can be created automatically upon employee creation with system variable 694.

Systems with one active company

The best way to set the sequence, if you only have one company in the system, is in the HTML version, as you can then add a prefix and/or suffix as well. If a prefix or suffix is added, the sequence can overlap with the debtor and creditor sequences, without giving an error upon creating an employee creditor, as demonstrated below.

Systems with multiple active companies

If you have multiple active companies in the system, the change needs to be made for all companies in the Silverlight version, because the setup page has no company selector in the HTML version on this version. Additionally you are unable to add a prefix and suffix in the Silverlight version, which means the sequence cannot overlap with the debtor number and creditor number sequences. This setup only applies to the selected company, so after it has been set, you will need to log into the other active companies and change their employee creditor number sequence as well.

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