9.4 Release notes

Here it is! Our newest update, which we’ve aptly named 9.4 (though it’s really, like, 9.4.0)

Once such update naturally inherently holds a number of new features, and aside from the not-so obvious ones that no-one except people who really like coding would find interesting, some of the most notable updates are;

  • Cross company access for pipeline – access across organisational pipelines in a multi-company setup
  • Flexible schedule and timesheet status views – now you can view day, week and month by default, instead of a certain, variable period (which is still an option, though)
  • More finance updates – we’re continuously implementing various finance functionalities from the V8 version, to the V9 client. Yay!

So, get on board and update WorkBook for all these sweet new features. Have a look just below where we’ll dig deeper into the abovementioned updates, and the many, many others.

Table of contents:




Ticket coupon jobs (R135)

The ‘Ticket coupon jobs notification’ from V8 has been recreated in V9.


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Temporary hide this task until, new filter option
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks in your task list? This new feature will ‘Hide tasks until’ a nominated date.


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Time & expense

Time sheet– Suggestions tab: Improved logic when activity is required

New system variables (638) makes it possible to ‘Add hours’ in the ‘Suggestions’ tab.


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Cross-company access to Pipeline

Admins can now designate which employees have access to cross-company pipelines.


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Notification to be sent to the employee manger, four weeks before the termination date

Separate invoice number sequence for delivery jobs

A new feature has been added that allows the user to edit the delivery invoice numbers in a company’s ‘Invoice settings.’

Show inactive resources

With a new feature developed, it is now easier to identify inactive resources in the sidebar.

CRM activites on resource card contact and employee

A new tab has been developed for the contact card that shows pipelines activities.


Contact card – Contact access – Grant job access

An option in the contact card has been developed that gives access for all public jobs on client.


Contact card inside resource card under contact details

It is now possible to open a contact card from inside another resource card.


Client settings – Employee Access – Setup grid: new read only columns:

User can now sort ‘Employee access’ by ‘Department’, ‘Team(s)’ and ‘Access Role’.


New system variable: 694 – Automatically create employee as creditor

The new system variable has 4 values:

  1. No automation (Creditor employee must be created manually)
  2. When new employee creates an expense entry
  3. When employee is created (on employee’s company)
  4. When employee is created (on all companies)


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Price : Warning message price quote value

A new warning message will appear when creating an adjustment with more revenue than the price quote value.

Enable system variable 1110

A warning message will now appear is the Adjustment is higher than the P/L value


Copy Price Quote to invoice – Show total quote value and % invoiced

The percentage amount invoiced compared to the total quote value can now be set in the ‘Copy PQ to the current invoice’.

When percentage is set to 100% the amount is copied over to the current invoice.

New total appears in the footer

Print layout button: Job Price quote, Purchase Order and Invoice

Print layout button has been added to ‘Price’, ‘Purchase Order’ and ‘Invoice’ pages.

Close Ticket on the Task Card using “Done” as “Publish & close”

When closing a ticket a new option to Publish has been added. Publish means that it is visible to the Contact User

Price progress bar

There is a new feature if the Price TO Prgress is hidden, a status bar appears under Price Quote as well as Tooltip to give needed information.

Job – Price – Header : Move change currency to footer

The user can now change the currency of the Price quote directly from the footer.

Jobs / Price Quote / Approval: Approve on behalf on contact users

A new feature has been added making it possible to approve on behalf of client contacts in the approval flow.

Job list – Job KPI – “Schedule”-graph

The ‘Schedule’ graph has been changed to green and now has a ‘Today’ line for better project tracking.


Company job default dimension values

Default new job dimensions have now been added to the Company Card.


Double-clicking on the ‘Expected over/underspend and ‘Expected overspending hours’ columns now shows and hides the job KPIs.

Jobs – Expenditure Sale View – Total Quote Amount

To help compare the full quoted amount against the total expenses and total amount billed, a new column has been added that shows ‘Total Quote Amount’

Job / Job lists: Add icons to the select2 list; List, Pen, Gantt

Added icons to job views in dropdown.

Job – Schedule – Reschedule tasks

An improvement has been made to the rescheduling task dialog, so that it now stays open when using it.

Jobs – Jobs List with Dimension Settings

Dimension columns can now be dragged and reordered.

Job list view – new column: Total adjusted amount

A new column ‘Total adjustment’ has been added to the grid.

Jobs: Tasks – Tasks – Job Team tab

The Job Team tab has been enhanced to load faster


Job Invoice: Changes Price Quote to Invoice dialog improvements

There are improvements to the Change Price Quote to Invoice dialog.

  1. Tooltip appears when value of the price quote is more than 100%
  2. Currency is now displayed
  3. Price quote value can now be set at more than 100%

Renaming the purchase order filename, support purchase order No. and purchase order title

There is a new functionality that allows the PO Title to be saved with the ‘Purchase Order name’, ‘Purchase Order Number’ and ‘Customer Name’ set as defaults.

Use settings in V8 to set filenames in V9.

Saved file takes data from Job Number and Job Title

Jobs : Print Layout

Added option to show ‘Price of hours on activity in print settings for invoice and PQ

Price quote: Material calculation: Jump to price lines

After clicking OK in the ‘Transfer material calculation amount’ dialog, the user goes to the next tab – ‘Lines’.

Document Approval: Approver Priority

Priority of ‘Approver’ can now be designated and reordered.

Jobs : Price Quote: task colors in PQ phase and lines

Colors can now be added to PQ ‘Phase’ and ‘Lines’. colors are copied over when copying price quotes to schedules.

Setting up the ‘Phase’ colours

Setting up colors for the Resources

PQ copied to ‘Scheduling’ with colors.

Job KPI front page view: Only include future bookings in Job KPI’s + in grid

Feature developed in the KPI view to show details on future bookings.

Document approval – Request: After-approval event

When documents in the Approval Flow are approved, they will now be uploaded into a job document container and the revision number, date and time stamp is automatically added to the end of the filename.


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Weekly schedule – Day/Week/Month view mode

The user can now choose how they want to view their ‘Weekly schedule’.

Drag & Drop Schedule calendar view and task matrix

The user can now Drag & Drop a task from the ‘Quick Search’ to the ‘Ccalendar view’ and into the ‘Task matrix’. This is then followed by an option to enter hours for the resource.

The Project Manager can drag their tasks from the search bar into the calendar or task matrix.

Booked hours can be inserted in the Dialog box

Ticket List – Client country column

There is now a ‘Client country’ column in the Ticket list.

Scheduling – Task matrix – Start collapsed option in filter

When opening the Task Matrix, there is a new option in the ‘Filter’ settings for the groupings to ‘Start collapsed.’

Scheduling – Time sheet status

Icons have been added to change what view the user wishes to see in the ‘Time sheet status’.

Scheduling – Task Matrix

The user can now see absence and type in the task matrix.

Scheduling – Horizontal planning and enhancement for calendar view

The ‘Timeline Calendar’ has been added to the Scheduling menu and it is now possible to pan horizontally.


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Mail import

Mail – Signature

Email signature has been implemented.

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Finance & administration

Debtor list

Enhancements have been made to debtor list, including a new dropdown option called ‘Aged debtor list’ and new columns ‘Invoice contact’ and ‘Invoice responsible’ added to the subgrid.

Creditor invoices – Vouche rCard

A voucher card can now be opened from the ‘Voucher conversation’. To open the voucher card, click on the ‘Voucher number’ in the header of the voucher conversation.

Debtor list – Statement of account report

It is now possible to send the ‘Debtor Statement of account report’ for multiple debtors in the one email.

Select the invoices, use the Merge function to generate email.

Merged details appear in the email.


Finance – Debtors – Debtors List

The Debtor Card can now be opened from Debtor Invoice Management.

Finance – Debtor – Debtor list “communication log”

The ‘Debtor communication log’ can now be viewed in the ‘Debtor List’ grid.

Finance – Creditors – Creditor list – Communication log overview

The ‘Creditor communication log’ can now be viewed in the ‘Creditor List’ grid.

Finance  – Chart of Accounts – (Report 499/500)

The country currency and currency code is now shown when producing reports.


Creditor Invoices – Sub Grid For Cross-Company Invoice

A sub-grid has been added for ‘Cross-company invoices’

Chart of Accounts: Jump to Journal Card

It is now possible to open a journal card directly from Journals.



Client setting: use fixed debtor as default receiver address on PQ

A new setting can now be selected to default the price quote header as the fixed debtor address.

Debtor list : Communications log and overdue debtors

There is now a communications log in the sidebar and a subgrid with an overview on overdue debtors.



Finance – Creditors – Chart of Account Card – Dimension settings

Dimension settings have been added to accounts

REF ID: 356465

The following pages has been recreated from Version8 to Version9:

  • Creditor Payment Proposal
  • General Ledger – Journals
  • Debtor Remainder handling page

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Activities Setup – Add new activity

It is now possible to create activities with specified numbers.

System variables has now been recreated in version9

The System variable setup page from Version8 have been remade in Version9.


System variable 266: Hide inter-company settings

New setting disables ‘Inter-company settings’ in the job property sidebar if there is only the one company.

System variable 165 – Default country code

New system variable ensures the country is set as the default if the company is in a different country.



Deletion of unused tags 

It is now possible to ‘Delete all non-used tags’.

Approval setup: Update approval flow function; Add/remove roles and users

New features updates exisitng entries for approval are updated with the new approver.

Absence Setup: Add country specific holidays

A new feature makes it possible to ‘Add country specific holidays’.

Approval Substitute Update
Approval substitute has now been implemented for finance accounts – debtors and creditors.

System variable 1075: PM closing task

Only a PM can close a task when system variable is enabled.


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Grids – Color columns

New customization setting sthat allows colors to be applied to columns.

QuickSearch – Documents

It is now possible to searh for Documents by title or content in the Quick Search


Notification settings: calendar appointments, must be a user setting

A new setting has been developed that allows the user to ‘Disable calendar appointment notification’


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Please note this is not a complete list. To view all the changes including bug fixes go to releasenotes.workbook.net

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