9.3 Release notes

WorkBook continues to develop new features that make collaboration more effective and reduce the time spent on administration. In the 9.3 release, the user can now:

  • set the accessibility of their folders to Public for easier sharing,
  • monitor job progress from an enhanced dialog box,
  • assign an existing task to a resource directly from the weekly schedule, and
  • find the end date where all resources have the capacity for a required booking.

Please note this is not a complete list. To view all the changes including bug fixes go to releasenotes.workbook.net.

Table of contents:


The dashboard is used primarily by Project Managers who need to quickly access different sets of information.

Task widget

The user can now monitor a task or ticket from the dashboard. The widget will display information such as ‘Name’, ‘Tags’, ‘Resources’ and the progress of the resource. It’s also possible to open the task card, start the timer and make a time entry from the dashboard.

Employee- and Contact widget

The user can now drag the Employee and/or Contact cards into the dashboard for easier access. The widget will display contact information such as phone number and social media hyperlinks.

Timeout visualization

The user will receive a new message if the dashboard has a timeout or if the server is unresponsive.

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Task completed – awaiting your approval

When applying the ‘Follow-up’ filter, the column ‘Hours used’ now has a progress bar at the bottom of the cell which gives a better indication of the user’s progress.

Tasks with expired end date where you are overall responsible – Extension

A new drop down is available when applying the ‘Follow-up’ filter to refine the records. This extension allows the user to see specific types of ‘Tickets’; ‘Tasks’; or by ‘Ticket Types’ for easier sorting.

Time entry approval – Total hours indication

In the ‘Follow-up’ filter, approvers now have an overview of the total number of hours for each employee.

Create new conversation – Design improvements

The ‘Create new conversation’ dialogue box has an improved design that includes a file drag and drop functionality.

Tags in conversation list

The setting ‘Show tags in conversation list’ from version8 has been recreated in version9. When the setting is enabled, all tags on conversations, tasks, tickets and jobs will be shown at the bottom of conversation element in the inbox list.

 Tags can now be seen in the conversation element of the inbox.

To enable this setting, navigate to ‘My preferences’ > ‘Notification & conversation settings’ – Coversation options

Client conversation mode

This new setting allows you to toggle if ‘Private comments’ are shown in the conversation window to make it easier to follow the communication trail with the client.

To enable this functionality, navigate to ‘My preferences’ > ‘Notification & conversation settings’ – Conversation options.

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Resource booking approval – Add selected resource

An enhancement allows users to identify who they are booking when adding a resource to a job.

User task list – Filter manager

Users can now save their defined filters. This is a time efficient way to manage filter setups and easily switch between these.

The following followups from version8 has been recreated in version9:

  • 169: Due tasks on your task list
  • 94: General ledger approval

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Time & expense

Time entry dialogue – Timer

For added efficiency and improved accuracy in time registration, a start/stop timer enhancement has been added to the ‘Time entry admin’ dialogue box.

Time sheet – Suggestion improvements

Within the ‘Suggestions’ tab, the user can now filter activities by ‘Day’, ‘Week’ and ‘Month’.

Time sheet – Add job to time entry improvements

For the busy project manager, the ‘Add job to time entry´ dialogue now gives the user an option that will show only client specific jobs.

Expense entry – Rotation functionality

When submitting personal expenses, there is now the functionality to rotate attachments in the ‘Receipt’ tab.

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Email notification – CRM activities for followup – Added deeplink

Another enhancement that has been added to improve efficiency is when an email notification is automatically generated, there is a deep link attached that redirects the user to the relevant page for action.

Pipelines – New grouping

Users can now group and sort their ‘Pipeline’ activities by ‘Job Account manager’.

Create new prospect dialogue

The simple ‘Create new prospect’ dialogue from version8 has been recreated in version9

Create new pipeline – Added dimension tab

The ‘Dimensions’ tab on the ‘Create new pipeline’ dialogue from version8 has been recreated in version9.

Pipeline filter – Resource groups

Users can now filter their pipeline activities by ‘Resource group’.

Pipelines – Created date column

The ‘Created date’ column has been added to the pipeline grid.

Clients & prospect – new filter option

Users can now locate active activities where no resource has been added.

Pipelines – Duplicate pipeline

The ‘Duplicate pipeline’ functionality from version8 has been recreated in version9.

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Merge prospect function

A ‘Merge prospect’ functionality has been added.

Disable employee-  Inherit task dropdown to include Group scheduling resources

If an employee has been disabled, it is now possible to redistribute the existing tasks within the ‘Group Rescheduling Resources’ to ensure all remaining bookings are finalised.

Creation of user – Additional copy options

It is now easier to copy existing settings when creating new employees.

Deactivation of contact – Distribution of open items

When a contact is deactivated, a new feature to ensure continuity allows all open items within the record to be transferred to another contact.

Client project settings – Moved

The client ‘Project Settings’ now has its own tab.

Resource filter – Additional filter options

Added additional filter options: ‘My client list’, ‘Clients where I am responsible’ and ‘Resources where I am responsible’.

Employee- and Contact card – Login history 

The new tab displays the ‘Login history’ of the resource.

Contact users – Mention mode

For added security, users can now restrict who contacts can add to conversations.

To enable this setting go to the Contact Card -> Contact Access -> Contact Access Settings

Default employee cost price – New company variable

A new company setting has been added that automatically uses the default cost price when creating new employees.

i23: New dimension structure level: Client/Company job-default values

Job default values can now be set up on Company level and if there is no information for a given company, it will revert to the default Client settings.

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Jobs list – Additional filter properties

Additional filter properties have been added, these are: ‘Job next step date’, ‘Job delivery date’ and ‘Job create date’.

Jobs list – Filter manager with Global views

The system administrator can now create filter views and save them globally which will then be accessible for other users.

Jobs list – Simple filter

Added a new filter view called ‘Simple filter’. Using a tree-view structure, the user can now select which fields to expand and search on.

Jobs list – Job progress details

Added a simple dialogue box that shows progress bars for the selected job. The dialogue will show key figures of the job and is accessible from the hamburger menu.

Jobs list – Project retainer client view

Added a new view for contacts where they can get an overview of retainer jobs that they have access to.

Tasks – Mass schedule “group” of resources

The ‘Book a team’ feature from version8 has been recreated in version9.

Tasks – Booking functionality ‘Find end date’

A new task scheduling function has been developed that allows the user to find the end date where all resources have the capacity for required booking.

Tasks – Resource booking with more columns

Additional column options have been added to the booking matrix view.

Price quote – Frequency options

2 additional frequency options (‘Semi-annually’ and ‘Anually’) have been added under the ‘Add multiple payment lines’ dialogue.

Price quote – 2 new company variables (26 and 27)

Company variable 26 controls how big of a discount you can give compared to total price quote amount, as a percentage. Company variable 27, is the same except it uses an amount instead of a percentage.

Invoice – Indication of an elimination of a partial invoice

When eliminating a partial invoice an icon will now show in the toolbar indicating that it has been eliminated.

Credit note – As report layout

It is now possible to create a Credit note as a user option within the ‘Report layout’. A watermark can also be applied to the Credit note.

Invoice – Separate invoice number sequence for credit notes

A new functionality allows the user to separate invoice number sequences for credit notes.

Costs – Lock job voucher

A new smart feature allows only the remaining amount on a voucher to be moved to a new job- it is not possible to exceed this amount. A ‘Remaining’ column has been added, as well as a ‘Search’ function.

*Search bar and Remaining column

*Net move can only be set to Remaining value or lower.

Documents – Shared Portal folder

The new feature allows the user to change the status of folders to ‘Public’ and is central to Workbook’s collaboration aspect.

Documents – Skip function

When uploading documents, the ‘Cancel’ button skips files that have are already uploaded.

H6b: Payment plan needs to be able to record ‘bill to debtors’

The ‘Payment plan’ grid has been enhanced and now has the option to select a debtor from a drop-down list.

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Scheduling – Add resource to an existing task

Can now ‘Add an existing task’ to a resource from the ‘Weekly schedule.’

Scheduling – Weekday and colour coding weekends

Weekends are now color-coded and weekdays can be labelled via the ‘Filter’ options.

Scheduling – Weekly Schedule

Sub grid has been improved with a Resource booking matrix.

Scheduling – Filter

A new ‘Filter’ setting restricts search results to only ‘Active’ dimensions.

Scheduling – Overbooking warning

You will now be notified if a resource is overbooked in the task matrix.

Scheduling – New filter for tickets

Tickets can now be filtered by country or region.

To activate this setting: Settings > Dimensions > Dimension setup and ensure required filter option under “Show on task list” is checked

Scheduling – Tasks – Support View – Add Existing Task

Unnecessary button removed

Schedule – Time sheet status – View by Day/Week/Month

There are new filter options to view the time sheet.

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Mail import

Suggestion for saving of e-mails

Imported emails can now be saved as tasks

Email Import: Edit email body before creating conversation comment

The body of the email can now be edited before changing into a conversation.

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Finance & administration

A3f: Job WIP, Gross Profit line in new-adjustment grid

It is now possible to see the Gross Profit within the WIP sub-grid.

PO approval flow (follow-up) enhancement. Warning

A new feature has been developed which will warn a voucher approver if the selected voucher to be approved has been previously entered or exceeds the remaining PO amount.

Creditor Invoice – Edit taxes

‘VAT/tax amount’ can no longer be edited.

F&A – WIP adjustments: Calculations in subgrid ending in 0 shows blank field.

When a total of a column is 0, 0 is now displayed in the grid.

Creditor invoice – Implement system variable 202 Margin-level warning

User will be warned if their margin settings are above the value set in system variable 202.

System variable 202

Warning message

WIP adjustment date. Select end date for WIP adjustment

Added a feature where you can select the date you want your WIP adjustment to end instead of always ending at the end of the month.

Debtor reminder email (Check up on release date for whole page.)

Added ability to display currency in Debtor reminder email.

Creditor lines dimensions (sidebar)

Dimensions can now be added to Creditor voucher lines.

Creditor invoice approval – My company currency displayed (Voucher)

The company currency is now displayed in the grid

Creditor invoice registration: New sys.setting: Block edit payment settings on vouchers (V8 +V9)

To ensure data integrity, ‘Payment type’, ‘Payment no.’ and ‘Payment method’ for vouchers can no longer be edited.

System variable 1096

Payment fields locked from editing

The following pages from version8 has been recreated in version9:

  • Chart of account – change log
  • Chart of account – Account statement
  • Creditor list – change log
  • Creditor list – Communications log
  • Creditor list – Transaction
  • Debtor reminder management
  • Debtor list – Elimination
  • Debtor list – Communication log
  • Debtor list – Change log
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Currency unrealized gain and loss

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Dimension detail values

All dimension detail values now support company level restrictions.

Holiday settings

A new company variable sets maximum number of days for leave.

 Creditor invoice

A new system variable can now be used when copying or reversing a voucher

New expense epproval setting

A new system variable ensures that expenses are redirected if the author is the same as Approver.

Request: WIP registration method,

When a new system variable is enabled, only booked values are included in WIP follow-up and adjustment detail lines.

A3d: Activity default dimension setup

When a new setting is activated, dimension values can now be seen in activities.


The following pages from version8 has been recreated in version9:

  • Posting configuration
  • Mileage location setup – location address setup
  • Mileage location setup – location combinations
  • Payment terms for invoices
  • Report profiles
  • Holiday and absence settings – Holiday calendars
  • Holiday and absence settings – Vacation year
  • Holiday and absence settings – Absence codes
  • Journal types – Journal types setup
  • Journal types – Journal types mapping

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Global jump between open menu’s short cut

Jump to previous modules that have been visited [Alt] + [W] or [Alt] +[Page up]/[Page Down]


Quick Menu- QuickSearch – Finance element

New tab with new search functionalities

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