8.9.1 release notes

Most of these new features and changes are made to the HTML5 version of WorkBook, V9. We urge our clients to try V9 – grab hold of your local WorkBook contact or mail us!

This is not a complete list of features and enhancements. Please visit our release notes site: releasenotes.workbook.net to view the rest including bug fixes.

Release 8.9.1


  1. General optimizing of the Inbox module and how data loads.
  2. Optimizing procedures and dropping triggers.
  3. Optimizing and standardization of toolbars.
  4. All grids can now be exported to XLSX, CSV and PDF.
  5. Added “User task list” to the “Employee card”.
  6. Made content of a briefing searchable.
  7. Minor visual & graphical improvements
  8. Re-designed the “Quick menu” to have flying sidebars.
  9. Global and personal views in grids can now be saved. We also added “Factory view” to reset.


  1. Added Document approval flow.
  2. Added error messages when trying to add a user to a conversation who does not have access to the client/company.
  3. The filters in the Inbox now functions as supposed to.


  1. Added a “resource” column to the “Task list” that shows booked resources on a task. It is hidden by default.
  2. Changed icon on the button that changes a task status
  3. You can now merge two phases on a plan.

User cost entry

  1. Start/stop timer now rounds time entries according to System variable 357
  2. Made design changes to how a receipt is shown in Personal expense entries
  3. Expense type is automatically set if there is only one type
  4. PO amount and number now in the PO reference in Personal expense entries


  1. Open job project from job card header
  2. Total Purchase order value on project level
  3. Job KPI now available

Job list

  1. Made it so the Job list now remembers which job you have highlighted when switching view, or refreshing.
  2. Added more options to the “Job list” context menu (among others “Move job”, “View project settings”, “Make time entry .. ” etc.)
  3. Re-designed the job list filter
  4. Added “Find job” in the toolbar to temporarily add jobs to you list

Job schedule

  1. Added “Allocated” and “Used” hours to the Gantt view in scheduling

Price quote

  1. Adding a comment field under Approval.
  2. Added ability to have more than 2 decimals on a profit margin on a price quote.
  3. Added the option “Show all active debtors” to Price quotes “Receiver address & contact person”.

Purchase order

  1. Adding a comment field under Approval
  2. Enhanced the “Move current purchase order” – it no loger loads all jobs in the dialog:


  1. Adding a comment field under Approval
  2. Added ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields
  3. You can now manually inset invoice number when System variable 1016 is enabled


  1. Added “archive imported mails” function to the mail import
  2. Added auto-fill to the mail composer.
  3. Added the ability to convert a mail to a conversation comment.
  4. Added confirmation dialog when deleting imported mails
  5. Fixed the reply button
  6. Added support for prospect suggestions in the email import.

Finance & administration

  1. Added “Posting date” when creating a creditor invoce
  2. Added restrictions to “Time sheet” in Finance & administration, a user needs to have finance access, be manager, time sheet approver or traffic manager to see and edit time sheets for employees.


  1.  Added 2 new columns to the follow-up “Time entry check list for the last 30 days” which show Total time entry time and Total basic hours available.
  2. Added conversations to creditor invoices (Vouchers awaiting your approval).
  3. Creditor invoice approval priority can be edited from “Vouchers awaiting your approval”.
  4. Added new follow-up: “Yesterday’s time entry on jobs where you are responsible”.
  5. Monthly WIP adjustments: added several features from V8 to V9.

Settings & Development

  1. Added “Divisions” dimension settings to “Settings”
  2. Added “Job type” settings  to “Settings” where you can create/edit job types and activate/deactivate them.
  3. Added “Platforms” dimension setting to “Settings”
  4. Added “Quality level” dimension settings to “Settings”
  5. Added “Regions” dimension settings to “Settings”
  6. Added “Skills” setup page to add/delete employee skills
  7. Added ability to add custom banner on the “Job request form” for contact users.
  8. Added the time sheet’s compliance to V9. (guide here)
  9. Added support for attachments in the “Job request form”. (guide here).
  10. Added safety dialog to confirm to run translations under “Development”, “Translation”.

System variables

  1. Added System variable 1049 to control default calendar notification time X minutes before task start.
  2. A new feature has been added. You can now specify “Employee creditor mapping” for expenses, to only work for imported expense entries.
  3. System variable 1030 now controls who must be task responsible.

My settings

  1. Improved the “Mail import settings test” with a spinner, which visualizes the test progress.

Phased out

  1. System variable 1011, 1012 and 1013 have been replaced by “Country and postal codes” under “Settings” and System variable 1055.
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