Report 10: Status report

Report 10 gives you an overview of your job book.

In the top right corner, you can click on the printer icon and get some options as to which data will be included in the report

In the top right corner you can select which format you want the report in.

First you can choose which jobs you want in your report; those in process, those invoiced etc. Or even all of them.


If none of the criteria in the “Reports” window is selected the report will show you:

  • Project/Job name
  • Status on the job
  • Next step
  • Project manager
  • Customer contact
  • Delivery

Furthermore you can choose to show, via the filters:

  • Include projects
  • The total amount on the approved price quotes
  • The total amount on the paid invoices
  • The price on hours
  • The option as to hide private jobs
  • The clients order number

All these data comes from either the price quote menu or the invoice menu.


You can finally choose in which order you want it sorted.


This is a preview with the all the criteria

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