Report 72 – Employee hour distribution

This article will tell you about report 72, how to set it and what it is showing.

Report 72 can be found on the job list. It will show you how the hours the employees as listed will distribute on the different jobs or be an view of how well your employees has time entered.

You need to set the “From” and “To” date. You should be aware that if you set it for more than a month it is only the month with the start date that are being shown. You can also include all days in the month and be shown the jobs that the employee has made a time entry on.

If you wish to see a specific client type you can use “Include client types” to make the seperation.

When you have set the different options that you wish for you can pull the report.


The one I have pulled shows the jobs that have been entered time on and it will show you net total and gross total.


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