Report 323: Employee profitability

Report 323 is found within the jobs list. Unlike other jobreports this one is not based on the jobfilter and will not include any specific jobdata.

The primary use of the report is to get an overview of time distribution throughout the company.



  • Start/End: The date-filter. Any time-registrations made outside of the selected period will not factor in the calculations.
  • Calculate percentage from: How you want percentages to be calculated. You have three options:
    • Basic time: Calculations are based on each employee’s basic time, as specified by their capacity profile.
      • Used time: Calculations are based on all entered hours.
        • Work time: Calculations are based on all non-absence hours.
        • Show following employees in the view: Specify all,a company, team, department or specific employee to view.
        • Show profit margin/utilization data: Checking this will include comparison data at the right end of the table. Uncheck this to show only the distribution of hours.
        • Hide employee details: Check this to remove all employee lines, leaving only the group total.
        • Hide non active employees: Deactivated resources will appear on the report if they have made time-registrations within the selected period, but you have the option to hide them here.
        • Adjust billable time amount by x%: You have the option to adjust the billable time. The adjustment percentage will appear on the report.



This example is made with the “Used time” option.

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