Report 16: Price quote, internal version

Report 16 gives you an overview of price quotes.

This can be generated in the job book. Here you have to click on the “Reports”-button on the right side of the screen


You can choose witch price quotes should be in the report based on their status.

Here you can choose on a variety of statuses:

  • Under preparation
  • For approval
  • Approved Internally
  • Approved externally
  • Cancelled

You have to choose a minimum of 1 of the criteria.


When the report has been generated it will show you

  • Job no.
  • Job name
  • Job status
  • The end date
  • The date of the price quote
  • Status
  • Degree of probability
  • Price
  • Gross profit
  • Contribution margin

This is a preview of report 16 with all the criteria

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