Report 509: Remittance Advice

The Remittance Advice allows you to print a list of all payments on any specific date, for the selected creditor.


It is found in Finance & Administration, in the creditor list. (1)

Click any creditor to select it. (2)

Open the print-menu and select the Remittance Advice (3)

Set a date. (4)

That’s all, you can print the report now. (5)


If this provides no results, you may wish to see if there actually are any payments to show on this date.

To find out, open the Transactions tab. (1)

Payments will in most cases be Closed transactions. (2)

Voucher date is the date of the transaction, and the date you select for the report. (3)

This should produce a list of all the eliminations in that transaction. (4)


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