Gantt reports

You have the opportunity to view tasks on a job on a Gantt chart.

There are different reports regarding Gantt charts, depending on the period of time you want shown.

  • Report 39: Gantt chart 8 weeks
  • Report 391: Gantt chart 16 weeks
  • Report 392: Gantt chart 4 weeks
  • Report 393: Gantt chart 24 weeks
  • Report 394: Gantt chart 12 weeks
  • Report 397: Gantt chart 4 months
  • Report 398: Gantt chart 12 months
  • Report 400: Gantt chart 8 months
  • Report 548: Gantt chart 18 months

How to view

To view the Gantt chart in Workbook, select a job and then go to the Task menu option.


Generate report

To generate a report click on the “Reports” on the right side of the navigation bar

Now you can either search for the report no. or simply type in “Gantt” in the search field (V9 only).


When you have chosen a report, different opportunities for filters will appear.


You can chose whether or not to include different aspects in the report.

Depending on the report, different choices as to filter can appear.

These data will come from the job selected.

Report options

Show phases: will split the Gantt chart into Phases, taken from the Phases tab.
Show task notes:
Show resources: 
will put in the resource’s initials in the report on the related task.
Include tasks outside of the period: a more flexible approach to the Gantt Chart.
Show done tasks: completed tasks will be shown and indicated.
Show colour key: will show legend

  • Current schedule: Will only print the current schedule you are viewing
  • All schedules from current job: If there are multiple schedule, this report will combine and print these
  • Schedules related to current schedule:
  • All schedules current project: If there are multiple jobs on the same project, this report will combine and print these.
  • All schedules on client: Will combine and print all schedules related to the client, taken from the job you are viewing.
  • All schedules from jobs on my client list: Will combine and print all schedules on your client list.
  • All schedules from current joblist: Will combine and print all schedules taken from your job book.


This is a preview of a report 39: Gantt chart 8 weeks.

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