Custom translation in Version 8

If you want to use other terms it’s possible to rename everything in WorkBook. Open up the Custom translation menu in the Settings area:

  1. Select the language you want to make a change to.
    custom translation of WorkBook img 1
  2. This list contains the various areas of the system. As an example, if you want to change a term in the menu, select Silverlight Menu. A specific term is used throughout the system, so our recommendation is to go through each one of the areas.
    custom translation of WorkBook img 2
  3. Search for the term you want to change in the upper right corner and type in the new term in the Translation column. Again, make sure you repeat this on all of the system areas from the drop down menu.
    custom translation of WorkBook img 3
  4. Once you are done, remember to click the ‘Save’ button. Have patience – the system will now run through 23.000 records which can take some time.
    custom translation of WorkBook img 4
  5. Log out and back in to see the change.
  6. The language is loaded when you log-in to the system and then cached in the browser. If the changes isn’t shown on other peoples screens, then ask them to follow this guide.
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